Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Lang - February 23, 1982

End of War

So then they said, "The war is over. The war is over." As we heard, the war is over. Germany lost the war. That's all we heard. So now you want to go back? So these people said, "We're going back." I said, "What am I--how are we going to stay here in Denmark? We haven't go anybody." Can you imagine in a country, you don't know the language, you don't know if you--if they like you or they don't like you. Why stay there? I said, "We're going too. We're going back to, to Germany." We wind up in Lübeck. You know where, you heard about Lübeck.


Then we said goodbye to these--that, that--these people--these Wehrmacht people, to those--because some of them were doctors and the rest of them we called them sanitary people. You know, they were helping like. They--these people didn't fight. These were helping the sick people. So we said goodbye to them. And then we went there, in Germany, and we registered. We heard that there is a Czech camp--people who are left over from the concentration camp they went to register and there so many days there, every three or four there went a bus to Prague. So there we got a room with my sister and Irene. And we had rations, you know, we got our food. I said, "I got time to go home. Why should I go? I have it good here. How do I know whom and where I find and who I won't find? Let me..." In the meantime, these Germans they lived someplace out in the woods, because they couldn't go home, why, I don't know. And we always went to visit them. They were good--they, they actually saved our lives to be with them.

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