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Edith Kozlowski - August 19, 2010

Pre-War life in Radom I

Was there like a Jewish section in Radom? Where everybody kind of lived, or, you know, like some of the other big...

Not exactly, but mainly Jews where we were.


By grandpa it was already mixed.


In Grandpa's neighborhood.

Ok. Uh, what did your grandparents do? Were they retired by then?

They had a ???. They had a, a big store then we, and I...

Oh really,

I was there too.

Did you--you worked in their store as well?

I mean I helped...

Helped them.

I didn't have to work. Right, I loved to do that.


Yeah, selling. Yeah.

What did you sell there?

It was a grocery store...

Just a grocery store.

They had everything. Cigarettes and stuff, um, [pause] yeah. And uh, grandpa was going to parent teachers meetings.

Oh, for school?

They just loved me.

Oh, yeah. What were your grandparent's names?

Uh, Rivka and Liebe Freidenreich.


Yeah Freidenreich, yeah.

Ok, and what were your parent's names?

Uh, Yitzhak and Dvora...


London, well she was Freidenreich from home.

Ok, so it was your maternal grandparents that you stayed with?

Oh yeah.

Your mother's parents?

We were very close with them.

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