Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edith Kozlowski - August 19, 2010

Early Childhood

Um, tell me a little bit about your childhood in Radom? How big was your family?

Uh, we were four girls. I was the oldest, we were three years apart.

Ok. [pause] Your mother and your father?

Yeah, my mother and my father were at a grocery store.

At a grocery store in Radom?

Yeah, and I loved people in business, when I was little I was helping them out.


[pause] When I went to school, ok.

Where did you go to school at? Was it a Jewish school, or was it a secular school?

No, regular elementary.


The ???

Husband: ???


??? was the name of the school.

The name of the school?

Was ???. It was quite a walk, you know.

How far of a walk was it?

Daughter: He's taping you've gotta talk louder Ma.

It's ok--it'll pick it--its fine.

Uh, I would say more than a mile, yeah more than a mile. By us it was far then. Here it's not. [laughs]

[laughs] Um, tell me a little bit about school did you have a lot of friends, Polish friends?

No Jewish.

Jewish friends.

I lived in a Jewish neighborhood.


Yeah, a lot of Jewish friends, yes.

A lot of Jewish friends.

Um, [pause] and when I was about nine, and my grandparents married off the youngest daughter they were very lonely.


So they ask my parents, if I can stay with them for a bit.

With your grandparents?

Mm-hm. Then I changed schools too.

Did ...

I went to ???. JK: Ok.

I went there for a couple years; I stayed with my grandparents.

In a different part of the city or in the same neighborhood?

In--no--at least a mile away.

At least a mile away.

At least a mile away. Other direction from school.

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