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Edith Kozlowski - August 19, 2010

Religious Life

Okay. Did you have a religious family? Or...

Oh yeah, we were. Our [pause] store was closed on Saturdays, yeah...


Sure we had kosher and, yeah.

Okay, uh...

We didn't go every week to shul but daddy went.

Yeah. What was Friday night like?

Oh Friday night, Shabbat dinner.

Oh yeah.

Yeah, not with the whole family, just with the immediate family.

Just the immediate family.

In our ??? somebody brought from shul, some, you know for dinner, that they didn't have a place...


To eat, whatever.

Right. Did you sing songs?


On Friday night Zemirot?

Yeah, yeah. Zemirot

My pronunciation is... [laughs]

That's okay, that's good.

[laughs] Um, tell me about your four sisters uh, three sisters, what were there names?

Okay, uh, the youngest was Manya.


Helen and Sally. The youngest passed away during the war, of dysentery. And the other two survived with me but they're not here now.

Okay. [pause] Were your parents--was your father politically active?


No, not in the Bund or the Zionist...

No, not at all.

Were you--you were still too young.

No, I just belonged when I was in high school to Akiva, to a Zionistic...


Organization. No, but as far as me, I went to high school. I didn't finish one year because of the war.

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