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Edith Kozlowski - August 19, 2010


The following is an interview with Mrs. Edith Kozlowski in her home in West Bloomfield, Michigan, on August the 19th, 2010. The interviewer is Jamie Wraight.

Can you tell me your name please, and where you were born?

Well, you want uh, name from back home?

Sure, your maiden name.

Ok, Itka London.

Could you...

I was born in Poland. Radom, Poland.

In what year?



Daughter: talk louder

She's fine--it's ok, it'll pick it--it's fine, no worries. Um, so you were born in 1922 in Radom. Could you spell your maiden name for me ma'am?


Ok, just want to make sure sometimes.

Yeah, mm-hm

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