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Edith Kozlowski - August 19, 2010

Life in the Ghetto II

Can we back up just a little bit, back to the ghetto, in Radom? Could you just tell me what the conditions were like? I mean, obviously...

I really remember so little, I don't know why I don't remember that part.

Yeah. Was there a...

I uh, as far as food I think...

Did you get food?

We had, because of the store.


They took away a lot from us. But as far as food we didn't have a problem, no.

Was it--what were the sanitary...

Was it rationed? I don't remember, yeah.

Sanitary conditions like? Was it...

Not--in the ghetto it was fine because we were res, responsible for it. We had the store and we had a house, and we cleaned it, you know.


No, that was fine.

Do you remember the ghetto police--the Jewish police in the ghetto ever?

A few.


Guy--Jewish police.


Gieger, Minsberg, Tershanbaum. One was very bad, he was hitting my dad--and I forgot what happened to him. I forgot the policemen that I thought they're gonna kill after the war, the Jews.

He was a Jewish policeman that beat your father?

Yeah. Oh, terrible. I forgot his name though.

Husband: Was it Blizyn?

No, in Radom. He, he was hitting father. Did he...

Husband: ???

No. This particular one, and people said that they're gonna kill him if they'll make the war. Make the war--and he did live through the war, they gave him a problem, they didn't kill him, I don't know. I forget a short name, it doesn't matter.

So when you went back to your parent's house after they were gone, did you just--just look around, and just realize...

I didn't want to go in either. That's it, that's the end. I don't know. That's it. And my grandma went with them, she lived in the same apartment, not with us but where we lived. Grandpa died, during the war. Thank god, really.

Just--natural causes?

Uh, the sanitary department came in to check the store.

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