Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edith Kozlowski - August 19, 2010

Blizyn I

Right. So, you were...

Blizyn. So what did I do in Blizyn?

Tell me a little bit about that camp?


Do you remember--did you march there? From Radom--did they put you on trucks?

No, no, no. No, oh.

How did you get from...

From Blizyn--from AVL to Blizyn. We were in open uh, trucks, trucks.


And we met some people coming back from that direction--towards us, Jewish people. And they said, you know where you going. You're gonna to dig a ditch, and that's where you're going. But it wasn't so. We went to--there was no crematorium there.


We went to--again to the clothing department.

In Blizyn?



In Blizyn. We worked there. And then I was--I don't know how to call that department. The people that died--they're clothes. I had to uh, sort the clothes of the dead people, let's say--you know, like blouses, skirt separate, or shoes.

Like a sorting Kommando?

For them.

For them, yeah...

I don't know what they did with it. There was...

What did--what did you...

Not much food.


I had an auntie there, still in Radom that lost her husband from Judenrat.


She was still there with their daughter, in Radom. And I got to know some people that did work outside, like cement work or something, Jewish people from Tomaszów That were going to Radom every week.


And they got in touch with my auntie through the fence. So like my auntie would sell my uncle's suit and give them some money and they bought some bread, and brought us some food.

Okay, so they brought you some food?

Very often, yeah.

Did you worry about getting caught doing that?

No, once they gave me--I didn't worry about it.


I worried there--they shouldn't do something to my auntie, but not once they got in. They were Häftlings like we were.


You know, they were in the camps except they had different work.

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