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Marvin Kozlowski - August 28, 2002

Importance of Interviews (continued)

We can take it off later.

We, we live in a Gentile world, okay? And out of the Gentile world a big part of us, a big, they, a big part of them hate us. I think the world has changed since we came here uh, for more liberal, for better. When I came uh, to San Francisco--I was once in San Francisco--we met a, a

Wife: A Radomer.

A Radomer and he came in right after, he was on one of the first transports to the United States. And I remember Altman was his name. He told me, "We did not know there were any Jews in the United States." I said, "What do you mean?" In San Francisco, Jews were hiding as not Jews. He did not make up a story, okay? We just become more, after the war we become more Jewish organizations, the Jewish life. It wasn't. So I don't know. Would he lie to me? Sure ??? it was not the case like New York, you understand what I'm saying? Okay. And uh, but when I came a lot of places the Jewish people couldn't live, were not permitted to live. You know it just as well as I.


Wife: All over, Florida or whatever.

People got to pay back, not like the Jews so they, they got Arabs now. They ring the bells day and night. Pretty soon they'll have to...

Wife: ??? in Dearborn, no?

It, it's um, it's very nice to have this project

Wife: Yeah.

In--on Henry Ford's estate.

Wife: Oh Yeah.

Every time somebody checks out a tape I have a really good feeling about it because it's a major internationally known collection and it's in, it's in Dearborn. I think

Wife: And he was a big anti-Semite.

Ford, Ford was connected with Hitler's regime. But, the family changed. Let's put it this way.

Right, the grandson changed.

Changed--the grandchildren changed. They're different.

So you don't think that the interviews are going to make any difference?

I don't know. It's good for--to expose. A lot of people, a lot of people in this country say they don't, they don't believe...

Wife: Okay well--so if you'll do it maybe.

It can't hurt.

Wife: Okay.

It's like chicken soup. [pause] It's like chicken soup.

Can't hurt, yeah. Chicken soup helps a lot of times.

Wife: Weren't you glad that the kids went to Chicago?

Yeah, I was glad that they went to Chicago.

Wife: Okay, that's the purpose--that's the reason.

What I wonder, why they didn't let us know.

Wife: I'll tell you why.

You won't.

Wife: I don't know, but I do know Rosensweig. Not very well, but I love him. If it was in Detroit, he, he is jealous that this was done in Chicago. How do you like that? I know the person.

I don't know.

Wife: Do you know him a little bit?

Oh yeah.

Wife: He has a good business here.

I, I, I. Edith, cut it out. I tell you what. I don't know why, it was wrong.

Wife: It was wrong.


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