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Marvin Kozlowski - August 28, 2002

Importance of Interviews

Benjamin. ??? You said you didn't watch any movies. You didn't go to see Schindler's List?

Wife: Yes, yes we did.

Schindler's List, yeah, we watched--we saw it.

What did you think?

It was nothing.

Wife: Nothing. When I walk out and people that weren't there didn't see, I mean, didn't live through what I did. What is this? You couldn't see anything.

But you, but you haven't seen anything else?

Wife: Maybe years ago, maybe. I sometimes I watch something. He doesn't. He stays away from it.


It brings back everything to me. I'm boiling inside. Why do I have to get sick uh, over it, you know.

So why did you agree to do the interview?

Pardon? Do you know what, even when I read a little

Wife: Why did you agree to do the interview?

Why did you agree to do this?

Wife: Interview.

Well, I tell you, my son was after us. Our son was after us.

Wife: We didn't want to do Spielberg for the longest time. It took him awhile to convince us.


You also did a Spielberg interview?

Uh huh, yeah.

Um, do you think it's important to do this?

Wife: Very.


Wife: For the future of--he won't agree with me

He won't agree.

Wife: I know it.

Why don't you think it's important?

Look, we live, we're living in a world with so many countries. Which, it's disgrace for people to live in these country. Other countries, the Arab countries, are denying that there was a 9 11 or that it was done by the Jews.

Wife: They can't deny 9 11.

They're denying, they say the Jews did it. So. How can. You see, look what's happening now in Europe. Because they're united uh, everybody can make a few bucks or get the oil from Iran or from other countries, they united now against the United States if they want to have anything against Iraq. They united. Iraq shouldn't be touched.

Wife: He doesn't want your politics.

That's all right.

Wife: ???

Why don't you think we should do this?

Look, we have, we have books galore. All the books in the world and we have movies...

Wife: You can say in a book what you like.

And uh, remember one thing. I, I don't know if I should put this on the recorder ???.

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