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Marvin Kozlowski - August 28, 2002

Impact on Children

Why do you think the children learned in Chicago? Did they learn about you?

Well, they spoke their mind...

Wife: In general, about us too, I'm sure.

They talked about what happened and the parents...

Wife: And the future.

A lot of them older than me.

Wife: Never forget.

A lot of 'em had different memories.

Wife: And after my granddaughter, you know, there's the Hillel ???.

Yeah. I think there was, there was a good movie

Wife: Really. People from all over the world were there.

Look, we just had that call from California now.

Wife: I met people there and they just called me to wish me a Happy New Year. I never met 'em in my life. We got, we felt like a family the few days we were there.

Yeah. Very nice.

Wife: And we met, I don't know if you know the guy. He's a author um, Thane, Thane Rosenbaum.

Oh really! I love his book. I loved his book. Wife : Did you read it?

Yes I did

Wife: Which book?

The Golems of Gotham.

Oh, she's just reading it.

Yeah it's long. Was he there?

He was there. He spoke...

He's a child of survivors.

He spoke a few days...

Wife: And the parents come from our hometown, we found out. That's for Ruthie, my daughter, he wrote. [pause] Small world.

That's a wonderful book.

Wife: Well he's going to be here. I think, no?

So am I actually.

Wife: Oh yeah, I called my daughter and she sent him a card.

I'm supposed to be there too.

Wife: Where?

At the book fair.

Wife: Oh.

I just had a book published.

Wife: Oh what is it?

It's called Searching for Meaning in the Holocaust.

[interruption in interview]

Um were you--did you join a Radom Society here? There's a uh, Landsmannschaft...

Wife: Yes, yes. There was a Radom Society, old timers that my uncles and my aunties used to belong that they came before the war. Came in the twenties. But we organized for the younger people. The Radomer--we had a Radomer. We had a monument out ??? of our parents.

[interruption in interview]

Just two more questions to ask.


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