Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Marvin Kozlowski - August 28, 2002


After the war and uh, even now, is, is there anything that um, you see or hear that touches off a memory of, of those years?

Like what?

Well, for example, I know one person who every time he drives to work drives by this factory with four chimneys.

Wife: Oh no.


He's immediately back in Auschwitz every day.


Nothing like that.

Nothing like this. No. I'm thankful I was able to raise my kids, send them to school.

Wife: It's not new ???.

How about when you see a Daimler-Benz car?


Wife: A Daimler-Benz car.

A Daimler-Benz car.

Oh, listen, it doesn't, it doesn't bother me. In the beginning it was bothering me. I tell you why, but it doesn't bother me that much now. Because in a way the government changed. Israel's taking--got a lot of help, financial help from Germany. And I don't know if even now maybe. So if they can do it. And when you come to Israel ??? and you see most of the cab drivers drive the Mercedes. Have you been to Israel?

Yes I have.


Oh my.

Wife: Okay. He lost his wife six years ago. My daughter-in-law is gone. But this...

Tell me the names of the children.

Wife: This is my son Jay. And he lost Linda okay? That's my daughter Ruth. She's not married, she's single. Forty-five. These are his three kids. Rachel just started in Lansing.

Here this might help you if you want....

Wife: Rachel went to Lansing and Annie's sixteen and David is twelve. And here I have a son in Florida that we spend the winter with. And these are his three children. Oh the third one isn't here yet! Okay.

And his name is...

Wife: This is Joel and Max and Julia. You have to show him the three kids, they're gorgeous.

They're beautiful children. Beautiful family.

Wife: Thanks. So he called you.

Yeah--yes he did. I'm going to, um...


And their names again, your three grandchildren?

Wife: Tell him.


The names of the three children?

Oh the names. He is Benjamin and he is named after my father uh, Max. And she's Julia.


Wife: Yeah, that's what they--we had a fiftieth wedding anniversary and his eightieth birthday two years ago ???.

Who's the little one?

Wife: That's the little one, she didn't have it yet. The three kids from Florida. He's two years old, Benjamin.

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