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Marvin Kozlowski - August 28, 2002

Sexual Abuse in Camps

Do you remember any stories of or seeing any sexual abuse in any of the camps?

I, I can tell you a story. Uh, about sexual abuse of the Germans. Sexual abuse of us. Ninety-nine percent had no business, no connection with women. Some of 'em would be able to go. It was divided camp between where they live, the women and some men. But most of 'em couldn't. I remember there was a ???, blacksmith and uh, there were men and women working in there. And the guy in charge--I remember his name, an SS officer, would come out before they go to work and pick certain woman to be ??? at the time to be his queenie girl and lives with her.

Wife: Fraulein.

Fraulein--nobody would know, he would kill 'em. But she had privileges and they--for a time the girl would be--one was a beautiful girl, I don't remember her name. She would be very proud. She had all kind of food, clothes. She had everything in the world. For about three months. Then when we had a, we had every big holidays we had some cleaning some sending away people. She was, she was including there to be finished off. So they had certain, certain officers had a handful of 'em.

So they got sexual favors for...

Yeah ???.

Wife: ???

I'd imagine one of them was my, was a, a girl I attended one year of school with. Uh, Karla Goldberg.

Wife: Yeah.

She was ??? and she uh, had it made as far as, this okay? So there were a few people that lived a good life because they were connected. Some of them they sent away to be finished off.

But nothing among, for example, the, the Blockälteste didn't have a young...

Wife: No.


boy come in or anything like that and live with him.

No, no, no, no, no. Nobody had this in mind. And there were a few people that had the mind probably were at the head of the line. Uh, maybe the Kapo, the Kapos. They lived separately. Wife Yeah?

Yeah. They had a girlfriend. Not sleeping with them but being in the block, coming in, you understand. Yes they had. Just a. One was a ???.

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