Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

The Camp Gallows

Let me ask you a question.

And uh... Yeah.

When this happened, you knew, you knew the boy.

Yeah, I, I knew him. I knew him from camp, I knew him from camp. Yeah.

What went through your mind when you watched this?

It's hard to uh, to uh... It's, it's hard actually to explain that. You think, well, it could have been me just the same. There was one, there was one case that they brought in from some other camp uh, some boys to be hanged. One of them was from my hometown. From fact is, the father was going to the same shtieble that we were. And that boy was really brave. Uh, when he was... As soon they were there with the thing on his neck, and he cussed out the Germans right from there. Uh, and when he told 'em that your time will come when you will be here, hanging just like I will. You know. And uh, naturally uh, uh, they hanged him anyway. But he was a great boy, you know. And uh, another uh... There, there were cases that they brought from, only from the outside, boys from some other camp. They didn't have, use the gallows, they brought them here.

Was this the first time that you saw somebody killed? This one?

Uh yeah, in that camp, yeah. So, but uh, it's uh, and uh, then, so uh...

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