Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

Camp Conditions

Were the barracks the same in Posen as they were in Gronow?

Yeah, the uh, barracks were all right, you know.

Also bed? Bunk beds?

Yeah, bunk beds. Two or three bunk beds high. And uh, uh, that wasn't bad. And the uh...

But the food was worse, you said. They gave you less food and...

The food was worse. There was just the, soup made out of grass, you know. And it had no substance to it whatsoever, you know. And uh, and the work was harder and it was more cruel, you know. And uh...

What kind of work were you doing?

It was same, highway. Everything...

Still building.

There was, there was ??? there was the uh, the um, airports. There were airports they were building over there in Posen.

So you were building airstrips. Landing fields.

Yeah. And, they, also there you have the ground, to make the ground uh, you had to be um, prepared for concrete.

You had been with these men, same people then for over two years.

Well, there were other people too. There were, there were people over there from before. And uh, there new people they were over there. See there were, it was a uh, larger camp over there and there were people from our camp and from other camps and so on.

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