Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

The Blockältestes

What were some of the other... You still worked around Frankfurt then.


So you stayed in the camp and worked there.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But there weren't any trips that they put you on trains to take you someplace else.

They did later on, yeah. Later on they took us to Posen. The camp in Posen. And that was another story. That was very bad. A lot, lot worse than it was here.

Tell me how it was worse.

First of all, the food was a lot worse. Conditions. Uh, the working conditions was worse. And uh, we um, the fact is there was another camp nearby that had, also they had the Jewish overseers that were so much worse, you know. They uh, uh... I uh, I remember there was one case, one boy, that uh, he, he stole a loaf of bread. And uh, he, he was caught by one of the Jewish uh, overseers.


Yeah, Blockältestes. Uh... And they put him, first of all they put him in a little two-by-two enclosure, you know, like kept him there in jail. He couldn't turn around. He, and... And after so many days they hanged him, for it.

For stealing a loaf of bread.

For stealing a loaf of bread. Just hungry. He was hungry, you know.

And when they hung him, um, did the prisoners watch?

No we had to stay there. We had to stay and watch it.

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