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Pauline Kleinberg - October 28, 1982

Moving to Florida

You're right.

Husband: We made a mistake, okay.

But it is a very serious mistake No, I don't blame, I don't blame...

Husband: Everybody makes mistakes.

I don't put the blame no one, I mean, but pictures like this affected me very much.

Husband: They show it five, six times, over and over all the same thing.

But I know those mothers' heart, how they felt seeing this--that Islam.

So then you're leaving when?

If everything will go our way, we leave Wednesday morning unless we...

Husband: ???

...for some unknown reason we have to prolong. We're driving, so uh, but we have to...

Husband: Be out here Wednesday.

...give the key to be out here Wednesday morning.

Well, I...I'd sure hate to miss the opportunity to talk to you.

How long does it take to uh, record this and have it taped--I mean, I mean not the tape we have right now but, uh...

Oh, I can record it in about ten minutes.

Yeah? I mean, how long can you get it to the Florida address, yeah?

As soon as I have it, you'll have it.


It should be within two weeks, three weeks, a month at the most.

You'll mail it.

I have your address right here...

Please, yeah.

...and I'll mail it. Maybe, Monday during the day, are you busy?

Monday I have to go to close all our accounts.


Close our accounts. I have to--we have to--I have check into the storage May 1. I'm not going to take it to the storage.

I ask you because, you know, this professor that called you...

Yeah, I know.

...he doesn't go down to the University on Monday, he has all day open I thought maybe you can talk to him.

Husband: Have to go the bank...

All the accounts...

Husband: ...have to close the checking account...

We have to do the savings too, ???...

Husband: ...savings. Have to take some stuff to my son...

Yeah we have to drop of some stu...we can't take everything so we're storaging some stuff at our son's, someone's to take it. Oh, Monday's going to be the busiest days of our lives just for now.


On Tuesday we have a disconnected telephone the gas all this is going to have to be--make all those calls. I mean, it's all kind of hectic moving. We stayed here about twenty-three years.

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