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Pauline Kleinberg - October 28, 1982

Wanting Husband to Share Story

Is there some way I could talk to you about your experiences in some other time before you leave? Is there, is there any chance at all, any time?

Uh, wait a minute, tomorrow's Friday. Friday we're invited and I got tomorrow--the same people are taking--they're moving--the Finkelsteins are moving some of the furniture. I had my daughter there in California--she was here some stuff that I'm sending it with them to California. So we have to wait for them to come, and we have to run errands and ???. We're changing addresses and banks and offices, and all this. It's a hundred and one things to do and we're not fully packed yet. We sent away already a load to Florida, so it's, it's on the road for the UPS. We're not taking any furniture. And Saturday uh, we have to do a lot, because in the evening the Sharit Haplaytah has a testimonial, you know, to honor one of our members, which she's...

Husband: Two hundred and fifty people over there.

And it's going to be a big, a big affair. And Sunday somebody's giving a dinner for us, bon voyage...

Husband: ??? Sunday we have to be there for the other truck to come.

But this is in the morning. The dinner's going to be later.

Husband: We, we been tied down all day...

For tomorrow we have only three invitations for dinner. And this is not the only eat dinner during a certain period of time, but we have so many things to do. Today we both had to run. So, I was ready--I thought the drivers will come today, so he had to go by myself, which I should be there too. Uh, one has to sit at the house, another is attending things. I have an awful lot of things to do, for real. It's a hundred and one thing. But I don't want to upset myself. As it comes. See those things can't really upset me. Material things can...cannot affect me. I don't like to lose money, I like to have it. But it can't affect me, it has no effect on my health. Only aggravation. When I see the massacre, I suffered so much. And I know they are our enemies, but that shouldn't be. That should not have happened.

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