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Pauline Kleinberg - October 28, 1982

Getting Favor of German Jew in Camp

What was his name?

??? He was an old man then, because in the factories, the Germans--the ones who were there were already old--were invalids. Everybody else was in the war was on the front. So one time he said "Kleiner Weber," you know like little Weber--I was always short. "What, what is your real name," you know, in German. So I said, "My name is Pariser." He liked that name. He said--next time when I come in, he said, "Here comes the Weber," it's the, you know, like the weaving girl. ??? And he closed the door and he gave me a glass of milk, 'cause no one should see that he give me that--he gave me a glass of milk to drink. This was every single day. Then again--and this was only this one camp--then again I had this one old lady uh, ??? the Kleiner you know, a small one. They worked--the, the Germans worked, you know, they were like sections--like in a factory, in a different section, but she went through ours--through the walk--through the uh, aisle, there was a sack for the discharge you know. So she always room for the Kleiner Weber, you know, like a, a small sandwich. One time I ask her, "Why are you doing this?" You know, she was an old woman. She said, "I have no grudge to no one--to the Häftling, you know, to the prisoners. Because my son is in, in war--he's on the front. And maybe he'll find himself"--she must have been a very poor politician--"maybe he'll find himself in a position like you, so I hope for that, what I'm doing to you, someone will do to my son." So she gave me every single day, she threw in--no on must see it in that uh, discharge bag a sandwich--a small sandwich. That's why I say, in this camp, this small ???, we were only a hundred and ten girls there. If uh, we wouldn't have been taken from there, ninety-five percent of us would survive. In comparison to all other camps, this was at that time, like a ???, like a resort, I think. And that's why it couldn't last very long.

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