Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Fred Kendal - May 25, 1983

Life in Italy

From there, we went to a--now in Italy, they had the kibbutzim that they called it kibbutzim but they were really displaced camps and then there were certain places for kids, and then we went to a place called ???, Now when we were in ??? for some time and uh, again, they were trying to give the youngsters some type of schooling and we were also learning Italian a little bit and Hebrew and all of this time, I guess that we were--now we were already being prepared to go to Israel. And from ??? we went to a place called ??? which is um, at that time I didn't know the significance of Anzio but there was each, you know but, we lived in ??? also in the kibbutz. Supposedly it was a staging area to go to Israel. Um, I do remember a lot of the American cemeteries with the crosses and the Magen Davids--just thousands and thousands and thousands of them there. Uh, and while we were in ???, we then first heard that my Uncle David--the one that's deserted the Russian army, wasn't in Germany someplace. And that he got married--re-married--his wife was killed.

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