Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Fred Kendal - May 25, 1983

Moving to Italy

Uh, came back and when we were in Vienna, then--I don't recall how long we were there but we were there for some time and, of course, there was spraying of DDT I can remember for louses. And then at that point it was--they have clothes the already and they have, you know, they have these group centers and they were spying. It was pretty well organized when we were in Vienna. Back in Vienna, they've sent--somehow they have arranged for us to go to Italy. I recalled without--I recall that they got us on a train and we went to ??? But they got us on a cattle train. We were the only car that were packed of Jews being smuggled across that, that border--the Italian-Austrian bo...border. And we were not--in the cattle train--now we were not amongst the cattle but the one car was amongst a train full of cattle and we got across that border fine until we got into Italy. It was--I think we were trying to-- on the Italian side, somehow or other they opened and found us. But at that point, there was some people that could speak Italian and I guess they organizers of this just--there were some organizers who were with us and I don't know how but they got us out. And from there, and they got us in another displaced--into this displaced camp near ??? or something. And we were there for a while, a good while. And from there they took us to--we went to a place called Reggio Emilia. Now, the nearest thing to--that I could remember as normal life was Reggio Emilia. Uh, at that point, they were already--the youngsters my age--they were organizing some kind of a school they're trying to teach us ??? and everything.

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