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Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983

Memorial Services

You know ??? What's the name? ??? What the Holocaust uh, have speeches around the school. What's his name?

Wife: Yeah, I forgot his name. His name is Waters.

Water. Mark Water. He knows me... he know me good. Everybody was in ??? in a way. Yeah, so Mark Water in Washington, DC. You know Arnold Einhorn too? Einhorn.

Wife: He's a tall thin man.

What's the last name again?

Wife: Einhorn.

No. Do you know Sam Seltzer?

Oh, yes.

Wife: He's the one who originated it.

Sam Seltzer. I know Sam Seltzer thirty years. I go see him tomorrow night, Sam Seltzer. We're having memorial services for the president of ??? lodge who passed away the last ten years, for people passed away, like a, like a Yizkor tomorrow night, ???

What's his name?

Wife: Sam Seltzer's

Memorial services.

Wife: Memorial services for the departed of the lodge, past presidents, just in general.

Yeah, yes. Sam Seltzer going to be there. You know Sigmund Rubin?

Sigmund Rubin and I talked on the tape.

Wife: Yeah.

Sigmund Rubin lives near me.

Wife: Does he?

Yeah, I talked to him the other day. I'll see him tomorrow.

Sam Seltzer comes to my classroom and talks to the children.

Wife: Does he?


Wife: Where did you say you taught in Warren? What grade do you teach?


??? copy, I'll show you upstairs. One time they call for a meeting and then we were talking about the concentration camp, I start crying by the meeting. I say I could not handle this. So, I took my wife with me, we didn't know about the meeting. She was the only one, American. Everybody was, I think, Czech and Hungarian and all kind of places, and everything. And, and, and we were talking about the concentration camp, about everything in the meeting. And, and she was...

[interruption in interview]

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