Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983

Long-Term Effects 4

Plenty of time, plenty of time I feel sorry after things that happened, why I did it. Then I forget do something then. I fight plenty of time back and forth ??? business. Everything in the past. Then I forget, maybe I would not have the monument. Now if that monument, maybe I would not have the room with the Holocaust. I got the book again, I'm keeping my car from Buchenwald, I bought a book, I don't know why. I got to show somebody this book, because my son's cousin, we was talking, he was liberated the army '45. I was talking, where I was, and he say he liberate my camp. So, he got pictures from my camp, in the meantime. By the time he give me the pictures, I bought me a book in Washington, D.C. I want to show him the book, the places he liberate me. Nordhausen, Dora, Buchenwald and everything's marked, all kind of names, we were liberate, the army ??? all kind of names, and maybe he remember the names and so. So, I'm carrying this book in my car. Maybe I can talk to you for weeks and weeks. And every time you come up with something, the more will come out. Because when I was talking about concentration camp I was talking only like bypass. I don't tell you day-by-day. If I tell you day by day I can't stay here. For day-by-day thinking, what's happen, what's happen. It cannot—I might, I might want to tell you some things, but it come from my mind. And the minute you walk way, an hour later, I'm talking. But if you don't come to me, maybe fifty years from now the things, I could not talk to you about concentration camp, I will cry right away. And why I can talk, I don't know myself. Maybe I cry too much at Washington, D.C. When it come to the newsmen, we was talking, you know, I was liberated April 11, 1945. And it's April 11, he said, come on, maybe put you in the news. But then he put me in the news, I could not talk, so my son took over on the ABC. I could not talk. I tell him, when I was liberated ??? I lost my family and everything. And I told 'em, okay, take it, and I could not talk. But everything happen same day. But my son took over and he talked, you know, for the father. Back to me, you know.

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