Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Louis Kaye - May 9, 1983


Wife: This is my youngest son Stewart.

He's twenty years old. So, we were talking about the concentration camp, everything. I thought maybe I could help him too, you know, I was not help before the meeting start. I, I start crying. So, I was talking about the Polish people, and about this, about this. I told 'em the same thing. Everybody come up with different things. Like uh, you tell your story and you tell your country, in your country what's happened through your life. Then he come talk to the people, they were asking question, when I was born, things like this, how many kids in your family, what is your family, what your father did for a living. How you living in the... When German come in, which concentration camp and so on and so on. What concentration, how was the concentration, everything. I got the same copies. I know, I know lots of people in ??? lodge. You know Dave Carr?

Wife: Kahan, honey.


I know the name.

Wife: A blonde man. Kahan, not Carr.

Okay. Anything else you'd like to say for the tape before I turn it off?

I'd like to say the tape to, I think the best thing happen, you come and they ask question, everything will help them. You come around in the next six months, maybe something come up, I don't know. And I'm very glad you coming. And the best thing is things we do for people, they know we was in concentration camp, was a Holocaust, was everything, wanting it should not ever happen again. I don't care what they are, what kind of nationality, Jews or Gentiles or anything. Never happen again. There should be peace in the world and that's it.

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