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Emerich Grinbaum - October 3, 2000 & January 8, 2001

Affects of Holocaust

You know what, I still thinking all the time. But I really, I survive without major uh, psychological, you know.

No, I...

I became, I became--I now--I became very much uh, Jewish oriented and interested in my--especially I'm semi-retired--ninety percent of my reading related to Jewish history, culture, religion and everything.

I mean are there certain things that remind you of um, you know um, when I asked you before of the Bush candidacy if that reminded you of...

Yes, but not much, not much.

I mean...

Ah, sometimes. I, I, I told my wife many times when Bush, that was, but not really.

There's a, there's a man, one of the people that this comes to mind is everyday he would go by, on his way to work, on the Southfield Expressway he would go by a factory which had several chimneys and every single day he was right back in the, in the camp.

No. No, probably I am...

Nothing regular.

No, nothing. I, I'm mentally relatively stable.

And what about talking about it?

Talking is a different story. Talking is a different story. You know, I very much involved. I'm reading a lot of about Holocaust and, and, and, of course, I, I am, all the movies which is related and it affects me very much. The more, the more--when Schindler's List came out, I didn't want to go even. You know, of, of course, I, I saw many. But they told that it's so terrif...terrible, the scenes and, and...


...you know. My wife went with my son and then I went later. Much later. Because I just didn't want to see that, you know. But then I'm glad that I saw that. But it affects all the scenes they affects me. When I see different camp. But I still you know, we, we, we are some kind of masochists, you know. We, we, we go through, masochist. We still seeing. And you know, and my friends know that I am so involved in this Jewish history and Jewish that they, they already, if not, not laughing but they know that uh, I--you know, my wife noticed that I always coming back to the eh, the, the pro--especially now with Israel and, and...

But did you always talk about it to people?

About what?

About your experiences.

Not too, not too often, not too often. About Jewish history in general.

But not your experiences.

But, not--yeah, no. Not, not too often. You know, I had an impression that they're not much interested. Not everybody interested much.

Do you remember um, you were here in 1978 already.


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