Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Emerich Grinbaum - October 3, 2000 & January 8, 2001


Let me take you--and you came to Detroit...

Immediately, because my relatives were here.

Because you had relatives here. I have a couple of things about the impact of the, the Holocaust experience on you, on you, your life.


Was it, was it a daily or a regular um, burden to you? I mean d...d...did you remember on a daily basis various things that had happened during the War?



Almost, almost. I remember the whole--almost, you know. I remember the shocking experience when we, we left the ghetto to the, to the uh, to--we left the ghetto to the...

To the brick factory.

...brick factory. That was first time we encountered the beating and all that stuff, you know. And then the first impression of Auschwitz and then the first impression uh, first impression uh, in the camp. Uh, the Warsaw camp and the horr...horrific expression between, when we left uh, Warsaw to Dachau. That was you know, that was a long experience.

And how would these things intrude into your life?

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