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Emerich Grinbaum - October 3, 2000 & January 8, 2001

Effects of Holocaust (continued)

You came in '79. Because there was a movie that was on television called The Holocaust.

I, I know. And they, they show many times. That was four, four pieces--four, four. I know. That was at that time and they saw that, TV several times.

Have you seen that?

Many times.

What did, what did you think about that?

Well you know, that's, that's was probably the first...

[interruption in interview]


I know.

So that was from Toronto our friends, but it was nothing major. Um.

The movie.


The Holocaust movie.

That was the first movie probably I read that, which were dealing with, really with Holocaust problem. They--in, in America for decades the, this problem was not raised, al...almost was not uh, not raised.

There were a few...

A few, it, it was amazing. My understanding was that should have been raised. And especially Hollywood has a lot of Jewish producers and, and, and...


Uh, and it was not.

But it was a very, Eli Wiesel called it trivializing the Holocaust.


Except a, a hundred million people watched it. At some point or another a hun...one...

Are you talking about this, this movie?

The TV series, yeah.

TV serial. Well, at least they raised the, the, the question.

They raised the question.

The question is you know, if we compare with, to, to say nothing and to say maybe not, not the right way.

That was the year that the President formed the um, Holocaust Commission.

Commission, yeah.

Because of the movie, I think to a large part because of the movie.

And then now co...then came the Schindler's List, which was the, the, the most uh, impressive.

Um, did you see Shoah?


The documentary.

...the, doc...Sure, sure, sure, sure, I saw. I, I'm, I, I saw whatever I could, you know.

And how did you react to that? That one was, I thought overwhelming.

It was very good. I think that was very good. Very detailed and, and very, very well, well, well done and...

A lot about trains in that.

Yeah, I know.

And you had a lot of experiences with trains.

I know. I saw, yeah, I saw the train. It was a very good movie. I saw that. And the, they saw uh, they showed in the, in the th...theater, but they showed in the, in the



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