Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Wanting to Move to Israel

What made you decide to come to the United States?

We wanna go to Israel. We wanna go to Israel. I got sick. After the war in Lublin we all went to Israel ???. We all came to Lublin in groups. We were sick--I was sick. So we couldn't go. A lot of my friends, a lot of my friends, they went to the Israel and they went in the first war. They went with ??? and they went right in the war like in '47 was the war with Israel--in '49. They went, we ??? kibbutz ??? Israel. We went right away. Who was sick couldn't go. And so I was going to doctors over there in Poland and I was taking medicine. And then when we got married, we want to go--couldn't go ??? because got sick. And we came to--in the America side. Then we went away to Lublin and we came on American side. So again, when we came back, again we went in the camps. That's what our place, in the camps. In the UNRRA give us a little bit of milk. They give us food and they give us shelter. We start to go to the doctors. I was sick. I was working very hard and I couldn't have no children because I was working very hard. And then start to go to the doctors and the doctors find out I need to have an operation. So they took us in the hospital. We had to take in the hospitals--in the German hospitals was American doctors already this time. And then uh, and then they want us to go with kids. And then in '47 my daughter was born and they don't want any--they don't want with kids to go to Israel because you couldn't go with kids--with small kids. So then we stay in, we stay in, in Heidenheim and we have in the UNRRA--like they give us some food, I mean. My husband was a policeman in the ghetto, and they pay him something. And that's we came here.

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