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Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Moving to Detroit

Why to Detroit?


Why to Detroit?

We registered like then was registrations. And they tooked out, they tooked uh, like to Israel, because we all want to go to Israel--we all want to go to Israel. And then start to be a registration to the USA because we couldn't go o...because ??? with the kids. We registered. We don't came to Detroit. We came to Canton, Ohio. Our contract was to Canton, Ohio. We came to Canton, Ohio and my husband have a brother. We came to Canton, Ohio. So in Canton, Ohio was no work. The UNRRA took us to Canton, Ohio. And over there they took all the Jews who came--there was a factory--a slaughterhouse. They all went to work over there. So we had already friends, and the friends said, said Detroit. And my brother-in-law was there. He was living in Detroit. So they sent us to--shipped us to Detroit. My husband was here--we came in '51--thirty-one years here. This time was no work. But my brother was a painter and this time my husband start to learn those paint here in Detroit. He start to work as painter.

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