Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Returning to Lublin

Was the house still there?

No, nothing was there. Everything was apart.

Did you go back to the uh, the town where your family was yourself?

I went back over there, I went back over there sometimes was afraid because there the Polish people killed the Jews. When we went up there, when we back, they were searching for gold, for money, for this, for this. So they all have papers. When I went back I'm going to sell something, you know, we have farm, we have this--they all have papers. We couldn't go back because they all kill the Jews. In 1945 they all ???. They don't want back the Jews. They want back the Jews but they're afraid they're going to take away everything back from the Pole. So we were afraid to go back. If they saw us, they bring in like a few eggs, they bring in like I mean--we weren't, we weren't afraid to go in the small towns to look for something. I went and I wanna sometimes my pictures back. Everything--they have nothing. Everything, they burn everything, we have nothing. In the big towns still something was left. But not in the small towns.

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