Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982


How can you keep track?

No we went out, because when, when the, when the German came, the people already--we know we have nobody already, but the German everybody run away, so every people--was a lot, a lot of Prague Jews--there was a lot of Jews over there from Prague. Over there was the ghetto from, from Czechoslovakia. So they all run out and they said, "We free and we saw." They came in, the Germa...the Russian came in with the--and no German anymore. So we run out of there like the Prague p...the Prague police took us right away over because we were sick. So who was living in Prague--like the Jews from Prague--the ghetto--the Jews from Prague. A lot of them, Prague--I mean, from Czechoslovakia they went home because they're not so pitiful. They went home. And we got sick so we were staying a little bit over there. They tooked us over, I mean. And we have to go ourselves, we have to go ourselves run into Prague--we, we saw like places. Like, I mean, a little bit sugar or that we tooked a piece of bread. We, we have to go in line to, to find ourselves food. Who couldn't go find ourselves food and water wouldn't survive--died right away because, because was nobody know. 'Til, took a little while came the Red Cross and tooked us over. So we right away got sick. And uh, was no hospitals. Learn each other, you know, learn each other--try to help a little bit out. We were still living in a ghetto in Prague.

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