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Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Death March

How did you know?

Because uh, we, there was not working. The bombers were falling, but the German went already run, ??? to the bunkers. There they took us out of the bunkers. But we were just two hundred Jewish women and then was Polish people. And then the SS went in, took us along with all the factory workers. Because when the--when came to alarm they tooked us away to the bunkers. Then in the bunkers, the Polish people we talked Po...we have ???. In Polish ??? or they said, "We hear already, the, the bombers we hear already. Everything we saw what's going on." So when the England is supposed to come in like already Monday, Sunday they tooked us in the night out. And they tooked us in the night, we start in the night to walk. We walked to six weeks to Aschersleben. There went after German, walking together with us. And they already was--were already I mean having like clothes--other clothes, too. Because when we walked out from Aschersleben from Germany, the Polish people when we walked and they sent us, you know, they tooked already of our place. The, the American tooked over our place. And we couldn't do nothing. And they walked with us six weeks. Every night, they give us another place to stay, like in a farm--a big farm they let us stay over night. And like the farm cook for us a potato for the walk. And who could survive survived and they tooked us Terezin to Aschersleben. To be--they make the Holocaust over there to Czech, and to Prague. When we came over there, there were thousands--ten thousands of people Jewish over there. This was our big--you know Terezin it were a big, big place--you go there? Was a big, big place. And over there they said that they're going to kill all of us. I mean, they're going to take gas and kill all of us. Or that they have no time. And then the, the day May of 8 was no food--was no nothing--was no water--May of 8 came the, came the Russian and came the England the, the Czechoslovakia.

How did you know the date?

May the 8th!

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