Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Appell in Budzyn

Are there any particular experiences that stand out more than any others from all this?

What do you mean, stand out more? No, I mean, when we were in Budzyn, like I say uh, you know, we came home--like we came home and somebody was running away, right away they make an Appell. An Appell we staying for, for hours if somebody were missing. And then somebody, you know, were missing, and somebody run away came and the German and took, took that person, he say, "Oh, he ran away, he got twenty-five, you know, twenty-five with a...." They took the people, they put away by the chair, you know, and the SS man with ??? he give you twenty-five ??? twenty-five. A lot of people run away, they tooked--put away with the--like with the head on the floor, and twenty people because you run away you. You took something, a carrot, or a piece of kraut, you know, by the kitchen--the men were hungry. So when they were shipping the food bringing in something, see everybody run and they want to take something. A, a piece of carrot, or a piece of kraut, or a potato, they were right away you have twenty-five for this. And if not, he came in--the Oberscharführer Feix--and he likes it, so he tooked a whole bunch of men with women, he sat with the hat on and then they were ??? and staying 'til the guy do what they did. Everybody have to stay and see how they shoot a man, everybody have to stay and see how they shoot. I mean, so it was worst, I mean, that's not, not in one day, it was worse than it--that's what this is. I mean, it was, things like this, you know--it was my girlfriend run away, the whole Germany, you know, they want to get you, they want to leave with you, they want to take everything, you know. You have to be strong.

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