Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Life in Bergen-Belsen

...maybe some other time. Then start to be the camps. And later, after New Year's, they came in like--then they came in like workman shifts that came in and tooked out us to, to a factory to ammunitions to Aschersleben. Still in '44, like '45 they came in, tooked us out, like three thou...like three hundred girls. We were working three hundred girls. We got sick, they came in for other ones. Over there was--in Bergen-Belsen was not Krematorium, but just was a hole. And over there they were everyday--the people dying like this, no food, nothing. That was in, in Bergen-Belsen then we went away to Aschersleben so I was never should have been in Bergen-Belsen. And in Aschersleben we were working in a factory for ammunition with Polish people together. Over there we were, were wearing like, I mean, jay clothes, I mean, clothes with ???. We were living inside the factory like three hundred women. And a little bit farther was living Polish people but they went to work with three hundred. And we met we were everyday in the factory. Like we go from twelve hours a day here and twelve hours a day here. So then, they started came in, the England and the American. It was already '45--start '45. There was already in April '45--March '45 and we know already after German--the England land there and the American close to us.

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