Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Resistance in Budzyn

Was there any kind of resistance in the camp at all?

What you mean resistance?

Resistance, you know, to fight back at all.

Was something, was something you know, was something. The boys having some kind resistance. That's what the German said, "If somebody runs away they run away to the..." How you call the uh, the underground...

The underground.

...the underground. And that's what they were afraid. If somebody runs away went to underground. Was somebody--but not the first '41, '42, you know. We have something to do with Warsaw ghetto too. Was not right away. A little bit later. Because right away a little bit later--because right away when they, when they walked on the street, we couldn't walk on the street. We had to go to the mid-side. When the soldiers were walking right away they were singing, "We have England we're going to have the world." When they were walking, singing. "We have the whole world we're just going to take England to have the whole world." So, they were strong. The Polish people helped them out.

Helped them out?

When my cousins run away from the, from the, from the Bu...from ghetto--from the Budzyn, they run away--they were, they were outside--they run away so the Polish people took them in for Easter, for Easter and for Christmas dinner and when they went out they shoot them.

The Polish people?

The Polish people shoot them. The Polish people were helping out the German.

You mean the Polish police or the, the....

No, right away, the underground--the Polish underground--the Polish people.

Shooting the Jews.


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