Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Poles Turn On Jews

How do you know this?

Because I was in contact with them. I came after the war home. I wasn't home after the war. And I know when they run away they're going to shoot me because they find out that in the camp my cousins run away because my name was Lox they run away. For a little while later I find out they shoot them. When I came home back I figure maybe they're out. They are someplace in, like I mean in--but I find out later from other Polish people They took them in for dinner and uh, after went out, they shoot them.

The family that had them in for dinner or the people would come and....

The family had them in for dinner. We have some kind of, we had some kind of--the whole family--my family was a rich family. We used to have like I mean meals to make--I forgot how you call it in Polish--used to be what they're making ??? corn, they're making flour. I forgot how you call here. How you call here?

Flour, grain.



Yeah, but you have to make now...


...in a factory. They make in a factory. How you make--they're making from corn flour.

Biscuits, you mean? Like bread?

No, you make...


...this. No it was big, big, like you make here--factories. Where you put in the corn, then comes out flours.


So, I mean, they want take away everything. So they shoot them. After the war, when I came in, they said they--one said nothing, but the other one said they shoot them.

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