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Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Punishments in Budzyn

Now what, what....

This was the first year. This was the first like--third year--like '42 we were in the camps. We had to go out in the morning; there was a regular shift. If somebody came in and like somebody give him a bread, like say he have a coat, he went out. And the Polish people, you know, they--you meet somebody and they give you a bread. And if you come in they was al...they were already rewizja--how you call--searching. And if they find by somebody like piece of bread or if they find a potato or by apple, right away they kill you. Tooked away you, right away and then stand out. If not they set you to sit down like this on the floor. And then always Oberscharführer came and they said, "If you're going to go out to work and if you're going to, I mean, bring something in--have something to do with the Polish people, you're going to be right away dead." So what's happened, then what's happened somebody run away--if somebody run away from the people, you know, somebody run away in the ???, right away if they find out somebody's missing so right they took somebody else like a family and they have to--we have to stand like the whole place to stay and came out three soldiers and this long men they shoot them--we have to see they shoot them. They said, "If they're going to run away, he shoots." So we were living this was like '42 in Budzyn. And then they came every day came selections, every day, every week. Every week. They have a, a shower and then the shower was like a--they tooked away our clothes and they put in the--like in a dryer, you know how you call here, like I mean a clothing. And they give us a shower. Entlausung who's sick then in the ??? Revier they send away to, they send away to Ma...to, to Majdanek, who was sick. If they took somebody out he never came back. So if somebody have uh, some kind of sickness--if somebody got sick, I mean they shoot them right away. If somebody run away from the kibbutz--if somebody run away from the--if somebody run away right they took out the family and they shoot. And that's the way how we survive. If somebody was real, real not too, too like live in a good--they die right away, you know. Every day, you know, day by day. Was no doctors, I mean uh, if you were sick you went--was a, a little hospital over there, they would give you something you would die. Like the Oberscharführer Feix came in everyday and if somebody--if he don't like somebody he shoot right away. If he don't like somebody, shoot right away.

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