Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Passing as Polish

Mm-hm. Did they bother you at all?

Me personally they couldn't bother...


...because me personally I was a young girl and right away they couldn't bother me because they don't have nothing to me. When my uncle was working, you know, there was the guard came in and they didn't bother. They just looked for some--me person...they didn't bother. But they bother like--you look like a Jew, they bother you.

How did they bother you?

They don't let pray. Right away they went all to the Jewish stores and right away they start, they start--the first day they came in they start with the Jews.

Okay, they went to the stores and what did they do at the stores?

They went to the store, they threw out from the stores. They, they tooked away things--they just tooked away everything. If you wore expensive stores like shoes--like I mean uh, and the stores was in the Lublin--they tooked away everything.

Your uncle worked in a shop.

He worked--no he had his own shop.

He had his own shop.

Yeah, it was small shop. Didn't do nothing to his shop--right away they didn't do nothing. They came in, they bring him shoes to, to fix. To his shop they didn't nothing.

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