Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Russian Army Enters Lublin

How about uh, uh, you said you were studying sewing. Could you, could you just continue to study like this?

No, because it was already--I couldn't continue because they start, right away starts a whole tumult. Nobody personal--nobody ever say who somebody have, like, I mean, clothing--dress. Start right away start. The first start a tumult already.

Could you go to Jewish groups, organizations, things like this--could they still meet?

Was uh, was right away when they came in was right away like a ??? the whole town. Everybody was afraid.


Everybody was start, start to be afraid. And then, for a little while--in a month later--I think a month, about two months later the Russian came in with Lublin. Enter Lublin. They came in ??? enter Lublin. And they're supposed to go out. They said...

The Russians?

The Russian, yeah, they came in '39. They came in maybe for one month. Not, not exactly the Russian--they came into, to enter Lublin, ??? Lublin they came. So a lot from the youngsters--with this they want to bring you out--a lot from the youngsters what they go already by month--two or three months with the Germany went back with him. Like my husband, he survived. He never came back to work. If they came in like Saturday and Sunday morning came I'm afraid they have to leave, they have to leave Rus...they have to leave Lublin. Go back...

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