Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Wearing the Jewish Star

Now you say they came in. Who came in?

The German.


The soldiers.

They, they searched the houses.

Yeah, they searched the houses and if they find something good--candelabras, like silver, like ???--right away took away this.

So, did you feel free after that to walk around the streets uh, go outside?

I myself, I myself felt the first time feel free. And then after a little while, when they start to be a little while more longer, right away they put us up lat'eh, here, uh...

The Jewish star.

Jewish star.

They made you wear this.

A Jewish star. I personally don't wear it because I personally was a blonde, I was young and I don't wear it. But all the older people were wearing. You know, who can talk a good Polish, you know, and look like a Polish, and I was look like a Polish. I could go all the places, buy everything. Right away you couldn't go uh, not all the places go out and buy shopping. So I used to go out to shop. Right away it was a Jewish--the yeshiva was in Lublin--a big yeshiva. Over there they went in. I went just to go see how it looks, the soldiers went right away in and tooked out the Jewish ??? because they wearing the, the Jewish hats. And then very--they took them right away out to help clean the streets. They were laughing--clean the streets. They were making right away jokes. They were, I mean, they were not killing them right away. They were, right away, how do you call it this what they're having, this? Right away they were hurting them.

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