Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Harassment of Jews II


Then, then was Saturday and they came in the synagogue. Was a close us--was a big synagogue. They came in right away and there not pray. They said that the Jewish are praying them, them, them--like I mean, to lo...to losen to war. This was a Saturday. The Jews were afraid to go to pray because they used to come in and take a few Jews out. They need something do--like to go--to clean the street, like, right away they, right away they start with the Jews. To come in and take out a few Jews and then laughing them. They set him to put on the tallis and tefillin to pray to God. And they will take a scissor and cut up and take out the hair. They start away, right away they start laughing Jews. Make something out on the Jews. And right away they start to come in--for nothing. They came in and they loo...and they were looking all over, they turn all over the house looking for gold, looking for silver--take away the candelabras. The women went outside took away right away the good, you know, like the minks--I mean, minks. If somebody were wearing a, a good coat or ???, take away most from the Jews.

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