Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Learning a Trade in Lublin

Okay, and then when you went to Lublin, how far did you go in school there?

No, I want to learn something, when I went to Lublin. I just learn. I just have private, you know, private to learn.

I see, okay.

Private. And then I want to be--I want to learn how to sew, how to sew clothes, I mean, how to make the uh, how you call to sew clothes--sewing clothes. Sewing, like learn how to sew. Like...

To sell, okay. What were you going to do when you sell clothes, were you going to--what were you thinking about traveling around, or...

No, no. I want to learn how to sew clothes, I mean, to be like making clothes.

Oh, to sew.

Yeah, making.

To sew clothes, okay.


Okay. And that's what you wanted to do then?


After school?

And I used to go in the morning--learn. So first thing you came in, you have to learn how to, how to use a, you know like a...

A machine?

Yeah, a machine.

A sewing machine.

A sewing machine...


...because the sewing was by--just you have to turn with the...

With the foot.

...the foot and learn how to sew. First you have to, first you have to know how to, I mean, how to sew--you have to learn how to sew everything. I mean, to sew and--like we went--like when you learn how to sew, there'll be somebody--you have something to, you know, make something. You have to take 'em home. Like take here, you, you have a dress and the dress was finished. And if I will, and I'm learning for you. So, you know, you take the dress and take him home. So you have--I mean, they give you like forty, like fifty cents, I mean like here the same thing...

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