Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Life in Lublin

I see. Uh, when the war began...

...and then, then not too long, maybe a half a year...

Half a year.

...a year--not too long, you know. I used to be in Lublin every Saturday. We used to go like, I mean, in the Lublin downtown--I forgot, in Poland I would explain better.


We used to go in downtown and then used to be a beautiful big garden. We used to come in, and sit down on the chair, read a book, you know, talk with girl friends, talk with boys. Then the boys, the mean ??? the Polish boys, you know, if you would be a group like Jewish--because mainly Saturday--because Saturday was not work day like here--everybody was closed Saturday in Poland.


So most Jewish kids went downtown and went in the park. If we're talking Jewish. and then they came, you know, and they're throwing stones. Not on me, but they came and throw because, you know, it was older people what came to garden, reading books. You know they're wearing Jewish--the Jewish clothes. I mean, like a ???...


...Yiddish ???, a Yiddish hitel and they would sit down with the ??? with the kinder because ???, you know. And they came in ??? and they were sat down over there talking. So the Polish, they were called ???, they came and they throw stones. Start, you know, little fights. And already in '38 started a little fights. But it was--you know the police came and they went home and they was, was not too much. There they started a little bit.

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