Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Education II

Okay, when you lived uh, when you lived in Lublin, you went to your uncle's house. Which of your other brothers and sisters went also?

My brothers were home, they were going to school. They were going to school.

Okay, they stayed with your folks?

They stayed with my father, my mother.


My summertime--I came home in the summertime.


It was not too long because when I left '38, '39 in the summer I was home. And then in the fall, before the war--1939 was the war already. Poland and German were still 1939. So when I went and I stayed at my uncle's house and the war break out and I couldn't go anymore no place. Because the Germany came into Lublin.

Okay, we'll come to that.

After, after...

Uh, were any of your sisters there with you also?


Just you, just you. How far did you go in school?


How far did you go in the school?

When I lived in Poland the school was not, not too far around, was like uh, here, I mean.

How, how long did you go? Up, up to what--how far was your education?

Like I say to five--to fifth grade.

In Lublin?

No, in home--in Minkowice--in home.

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