Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anne Eisenberg - May 11, 1982


All right, you said you were liberated in Brno?

Near Brno, few kilometers from Brno.

On May 10th?


Nineteen forty-five.


By whom?


And your sister was with you. Was there any other family with you?


What did you do exa...after, after you were liberated?

Well, like I--we were there for quite a few weeks. Because uh, they took care of my feet until it healed up. They tried to get--clean us out from lice because we were infested by them. And uh, just tried to 'cuperate a little bit. But our anxiety to get back home was so strong that uh, they couldn't keep us any longer. And then we went--on the way home it was no easy route either because we went on open trains and, uh... When we were going to Czechoslovakia it was okay because the Czechoslovakian people were at the railroad s...stations waiting with food and cakes and everything. Uh, so it was okay. I thought it's going to be like that all the way 'til I get home. But no sooner did we pass the Hungarian border, we found out differently. That, that we had to beg for a piece of bread or a piece of food, for anything. And uh, we were afraid again of attacks from the Russians.

From the Russians?

From the Russians. Because if they got a hold of a girl, then uh, for them to rape a girl meant nothing. So uh, that itself was...wasn't easy. But somehow we managed to get home.

Were you skinny when you were liberated?

Yes. Uh, after the--when we were--I was in Budapest after liberation and again I got a very severe diarrhea and that, that was something. Until, and no medical treatment over there too, so it just had to stop by itself. And that's why I say, that why are we here--it's just a miracle.

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