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Anne Eisenberg - May 11, 1982

DP Camp

Do you know, do you have any idea how many people from your community survived?

Very few.

Were you in a displaced person camp?

Yes, in Linz. ??? Linz. First in ??? and then in Linz.

Can you describe it, your reaction to it?

Well, over there uh, when, when we, we got there it wasn't an easy job either. You had to smuggle through certain borders. Uh, it was, uh, the camp that I was in was a transfer, transport camp that people came and people went, up to '67.

Up to '67?

Sixty-si... No, '5...57. As I say I'm very ???


In '5...no, I came in uh, no, '47, '47. Uh, I was home 'til right after Pesach in '46 from May--from June, July, something like that, until the following--right after Pesach we came. And uh, I was, first I was in a English sole camp. And then my brother sent a telegram, that's how we were able to get a passport to come to the camp where he was. And uh, he was in ???. And that used to be a camp that people came with that transport and they stayed there for a few days and then they went to Germany to different camps. So what--like I say, I was never lazy, thank goodness for that. Uh, we used to do is wash out the rooms and the bags and clean up when the other transport came. So it was going on for about a year. And then it became a regular camp. And uh, then I became a nurse. It wa...it was a funny thing because before that uh, before I became a nurse they had a, the dining room. They had uh, somebody from a checkpoint and they uh, some of the people were complaining, why doesn't the doctor come from room to room to check on the people? So I said, "He's the doctor. If you are sick, you go to him." So few minutes later the doctor got a report. And then he ca...he sent somebody to ask me if I want to become a nurse and start working there. So that's what happened. So for a few years I became a nurse.

For how many?

Two years.

You went to there from uh, your hometown. And you had gone home first.

Yes, yes. I...

What happened when you, when you were in your hometown? How long were you there?

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