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Anne Eisenberg - May 11, 1982


I had a question from... Going to Sömmerda...


the munitions factory, okay? Does the name Krupp mean anything to you?

That's the factory I worked because uh, United States bought some ammunition from them, but before they bought it the Anti-defamation League made sure that they paid us and they gave me $400.

For months of work. Let me see if I can pronounce it right--??? mean anything to you? A cup of milk?

A cup of milk?

Yeah. They said that uh, did you have discoloration of your skin?

I had that, I had uh, oh, I had a mouth disease it was just terrible. My mouth I couldn't open it. It was, it was just so sore I'll never forget. It rea...that I still have teeth that is a miracle itself. Because my mouth was just more than raw and, and--you name it, it was terrible.

Does the name Herr Müller mean anything?

Herr Müller. Sou...sounds familiar, but no.

Why do you think you survived?

That's a good question. I, I feel for one reason we are the human witnesses. There is, there is--were stronger people than I was. Seemingly smart maybe, and the smarter people. But there is no explanation. There is no. No matter how much you try to be smart or find the answer, there is no answer to it.

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