Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bert Dan - November 17, 1982

Lifelong Appreciation of Hungarian Prisoners

And uh, those girls adopted us, Paul and me, as their brothers, you know. It is incredible what they carried on like, my God, you know. And then we got home and we had to tell the story over again, you know, tell everybody what happened and how it happened and so on. And that was the most interesting experience that I had out of that--of those four trips. And uh, most of 'em are in, in Israel. Some of them unfortunately died already. And some of them are still there. Every year, when they have a reunion--Paul is getting a lot of stuff from them, you know, presents and so on. And he tells me that how ??? of himself, that he has to enjoy the fruit of whatever we did, you know, and, and that he'll help me here and how much he misses us and so on and so forth. And we were in Israel--unfortunately it was a very short period of time. I couldn't meet any of the girls because I didn't know their addresses. And Paul and his wife they weren't here at that time. When we were there, he was here. We missed one another, you know. So I didn't see them. But he was here again about two months ago--I talked to him over the phone--he was in Los Angeles. And I got a letter from, from him a couple weeks ago. Beth wrote him yesterday a letter. We are keeping in touch. Very, very close. But that was a very fulfilling thing that we accomplished at that time.

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