Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bert Dan - November 17, 1982

Freeing Hungarian Prisoners III

So, 'kay, we went out and those two guys took us to a place where they had trucks and we rented a huge large truck and we went in back late and they didn't. And we took the rest of the whiskey--whatever we had left and the rest of the cigarettes--whatever we had left--and we gave it to them. And we told them that "We want to take the girls to give 'em a good time and we'll bring 'em back." And they didn't care--they didn't even know what was going on. Actually they were so drunk--they were just knocked out completely. And all the girls came--some of them threw down their packages from the third floor because they didn't want to leave it there. Some of it was left there, you know, it wasn't meaningless, but anyway. And then we went and we took them with this truck to the railroad station, in, in Łódź and we told the man in charge at the station--we told him who we are and we have these people and we want to take them to Krakow. And the next train was supposed to leave in about an hour. And he gave us a special uh, car, you know. And we loaded up over there and the next train we were attached--tied to that train and we went into Krakow. We arrived in Krakow around midnight or so--sometimes really early, it was still dark.

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