Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bert Dan - November 17, 1982

Opening a Committee Office in Prague

And uh, on the last trip that we made we were left over--about six guys from the train that we knew asked if we would like to stay in Prague--that is Czechoslovakia--and open an office, because that, that will make sense. I mean, were to coming back with the train back and forth. Because first of all it was getting to be a little costly. And secondly, there weren't enough--you know, we didn't know where to wait for them--how to manage the situation. And if they wanted to have an office in Prague--in Czechoslovakia and uh, stay there until all the Hungarian and Romanian Jews were coming back. And uh, I--that was strictly a volunteer basis and I volunteered because I had nobody at home anyway. So it--to me it really didn't matter, I didn't care. And I stayed there and uh, there is one very dear friend of mine who lives now in Providence, Rhode Island and he's a very successful businessman today. But let me tell you, friend, he was one of the delegation. Myself and there's a Dr. Sternman who lives in Hawaii. When we were in Hawaii with my wife and we met him over there and it was a nice reunion. There was another guy by the name of Dr. Abraham--and he is dead already for ten years very ??? that he is gone. And we had an office. First we rented in a hotel, a little office. You know, we rented--I don't remember the year. We had enough of that. But then uh, this Dr. Abraham--his wife originally who came from Czechoslovakia and he spoke a little bit the language and he spoke a perfect German because he went to the University of Berlin. That's where he got his uh, diploma. And through him and through his connections they got the Romanian embassy opened up. You know, because there were no uh, uh, legal connections at that time between the Czechs and the, the Romanian government. And they opened up the Romanian embassy and we moved in there and we had an office there.

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