Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982

Receiving Help


Everyday to uh, clean their house. And from there somebody came and they was pushing a piece of bread to our hand you know, the neighbors who know us. So sometime it was lucky to come back with two bread under our coat so we was very rich. We felt very richly uh, rich, uh...

How was it that you got chosen to?

Because the people who was uh, watching the camp, again that people who know us and they said I g...gonna give you two girls who they clean very good. So sure enough he came, he said you wanna go with the SS, I'm sure they're not gonna touch you or hit you or something. So we said yeah, we're going to take a chance. So that's how we're chose, because we know the head of the, I don't know how you could, tell you, who was watching the ghetto.

What was that man's name?

Ah, what's the man's name? Hm. I don't know but he wasn't a Jew hater, I could tell you that much.


But he doesn't live any...no he's uh, dead already.

He was like a caretaker.

Yes, like a caretaker.

He was not a commander or ???...

No, no, nothing.

or anything like that.

No, he was a very nice man. Just like a caretaker. Because uh, not too far from his house there was the uh, commander or something, you know uh, the Germans already uh, watching.

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